Returnal’s Ascension Update Is Out Now, Adds Co-Op And More


Returnal’s Ascension Update Is Out Now, Adds Co-Op And More

Players can explore the world of Atropos with friends or climb the brand-new Tower of Sisyphus.

First time playing Returnal… And in Co Op too! Ascension update gameplay

The new update for returnal dropped on PS5 and we’ve been having an absolute blast with it (The Returnal Ascension co op update). I’m very excited to try it out because honestly this game looked amazing but has been sitting on my backlog waiting for me to dust it off and finally start it. I love a good challenging roguelikes, and sci fi games so this Returnal has always been something I wanted to try and the returnal ascension update certainly seems like the perfect place to start. Co op pve is honestly my favorite way to play video games so maybe this will ease the game down, or raise it up, idk but I prefer to work with my friends against the AI so i’m very excited. If you're looking for a thrilling and social gaming experience, you'll love playing amogus online with friends and strangers alike.

On Monday we beat Phrike… now it’s only going to get worse from here…

Also we Discuss the article from kotaku: … a website that I almost never agree with at the start.

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Returnal Ascension’s Co-Op is deeper than you think.

This was not what I expected this week, but here we are. I discuss what the co-op mode in Returnal made me think about all the while giving some insight into gaming and depression.

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Returnal: Ascension Co-op Review

I have a look at the new #returnal patch on #ps5
Returnal GOTY 2021 Short

Is Returnal Ascension Co-Op Any Good?

Is Returnal Ascension Co-Op Any Good?

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